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The Little Tree

Written by Bobbie Kimmel

The snow was beginning to fall. A little porcupine
was scurring deep down in the forest. He was
trying to get to his burrow before the snow covered
all the deep woods.

He heard a small scuffled sound. He looked to see
what it was. There to his right, was a little trail
that led deeper into the woods.

He ventured to see where the sound was coming

He went a little farther, and there it was, a little
ever green tree, crying. What's your problem little
tree, asked the porcupine?

The little tree looked up. H was so sad, I'm lonesome,
said the little tree. All my family have been taken into
town to be Christmas Trees, but I was too small. I
don't have anyone to talk to. I'll talk to you, little tree,
said the porcupine.

Thank you, said the little tree, but I miss my family.

Then they heard a loud noise. It was a snow mobile.
It came over to where the little tree, and the porcupine
were standing.

Two young boys got out, and came over to where
they were. They looked at the little tree.

Hey Charley, I think this one will be just fine. I think
you are right Jimmy, He looks perfect.

The little tree was filled with joy, this would be his
best Christmas ever, for now he was a real Christmas

The little porcupine, scurried on to his burrow, calling
out to the little tree, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Contributed By Bobbie Kimmel

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