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Heaven Rejoices

by Judith Shields Regini - Christmas 1995

The angels were busy rehearsing their songs.
The lightman made ready the star.
Cherubim and Seraphim gathered the throngs.
As the wisemen came from afar.

But down on the right, the last cloud past Orion
all alone sat a grumpy young boy.
He just couldn't see what the fuss was about.
He didn't understand all the joy.

Then the head angel Gabriel took the lad by the hand
and they flew over Bethlehem.
They stopped near a stable, next door to an inn,
and they silently entered therein.

He saw a young mother sitting next to a manger
He saw the proud father near by.
Then looking closer he viewed a small infant
And softly began to cry.

He understood now why Heaven was dancing
and all were excited and merry.
This tiny young boy was the child called Jesus
and His mother, the girl known as Mary.

The angel chorus sang loudly that night,
alleluias filled the air.
The stare shone its brilliant magnificent light
as adoring crowds gathered there.

The young boy went happily back to his cloud
and pondered the wonderful night.
How a baby had called him to sing alleluia
and to dance in the wonderful light.

© 1995, Judith Shields Regini, Used By Permission

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