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Random Acts Of Kindness

Random Acts Of Kindness Home Page
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ID: 2735

10/22/2012 8:38:03 AM - CeCe - crestview florida

One time this girl stepped on my friends foot really hard and started saying mean things to her so i comforted my friend and took her to the nurses office

ID: 2734

10/20/2012 10:00:24 AM. - Sami - America

One of my friend mom died so I helped him out because my mom died and I know how it feels to lose someone so special to you:(

10/30/2012 4:54:11 PM. - Kara Gentry - Kilcoy

My mums aunty died and when she passed away, I helped my mums aunties husband pack all his wife's stuff away into a box and after that he just went silly :( I feel sorry toeveryone that has lost someone special that meant alot to you :( i wish everyone a Happy Merry Christmas.............

II have also lost a close family member (nan) that meant alot to me, I dont like celebrating christmas anymore bbecause its not the same without her :<(

ID: 2733

10/20/2012 2:31:52 AM. - Angel - Milton keynes

when i had a sleepover at my Nans house, she had a head ache so i help her cook dinner even though i didnt feel too well myself.

ID: 2730

10/19/2012 7:32:17 AM. - angel - milton keynes

my little brother started my school and he has been very upset so i always make sure he is ok in school because he is scared and i love him.

11/3/2012 7:36:38 AM - SUNSHINE( Summer ) - Atlanta Georgia

I wish that i could be nice to my brother but i do it anyways we fight sometimes but u know we have to love our brothers they stand up for us we sTAND uP for them. NICE JOB ANGEL

ID: 2729

10/15/2012 7:07:06 PM - Renee - America

Yesterday, I moved house and the neighbours welcomed us to the neighbourhood. They gave us a cherry pie and so today, I baked them cookies as a thank-you.

10/17/2012 10:51:16 AM - Randy - CA, USA

Love these stories!

10/17/2012 5:55:42 PM - SHAYNNE - 3009 WEST CHARTHAGE


10/19/2012 7:37:37 AM. - angel - milton keynes

ilove makeing cookies wish i had a neighbour like you

10/28/2012 4:53:25 PM. - Banana - Ontario

I help the teacher with the sks at lunch by opening their containers. :-)

ID: 2728

10/15/2012 6:48:49 PM - Hannah - Australia

I donated my kangaroo to a girl with a sore leg and I walked to school instead. Although walking is not as easy, it brought a smile to my face to see this girl hopping away on Skippy and knowing that she was in less pain.

10/17/2012 8:18:50 PM - Nikita - Australia

G'day mate! that's so nice of you Hanna! I would never give away my kangaroo, walking is too hard!! Good job mate!

10/23/2012 11:11:05 AM - Liz - America

A REAL kangaroo?

10/26/2012 2:46:13 PM. - hannah banana - amelia,ohio

what do you mean by kangaroo

10/26/2012 2:49:07 PM. - Hannah Banana - Amelia,Ohio

hi its Hannah Banana agin i just relized that we both have the same name!!!!:):):):):)

11/5/2012 4:09:47 PM - Hannah - Australia

Yes, when I say Kangaroo I mean a kangaroo. The type you ride. The type that hop along with a joey in their puch. Come to australia and see them for yourself. Merry Christmas!

3/27/2013 9:24:56 PM - Christian Girl - California, USA

Wow! You owned a kangaroo?! That's sooo cool! And you can ride them?! I want to go to Australia!!!!! Maybe I'll meet you there. My dad been to Australia SO many times. God bless you!

ID: 2727

10/15/2012 12:13:38 PM - jennifer johnson - Douglas Ga

well I was at our local Food Store I was getting ready to pull a shopping cart out for myself and I saw two others ladies besides myself, one look so tired or she didnot feel well So I pull out two more shopping cart besides mine, They smile a big smile and said Thank you .

10/19/2012 7:47:57 AM. - angel - milton keynes

its good to make people smile

ID: 2726

10/14/2012 7:45:10 AM - Jessica Gonzalez - CA

When I was walking out of church I saw an old lady, and she didn't look to happy so I smiled at her. Then she smiled back and seemed to cheer up a bit.

10/15/2012 4:26:22 PM - Not The Mama - OC, CA

Nice job Jessica!

10/19/2012 7:56:59 AM. - angel - milton keynes

i think it is very nice to be nice to old people because they where here way before us

ID: 2725

10/13/2012 5:48:00 PM. - kailyn - ky

if somone drops there books at school ill help pick it up for them

ID: 2723

10/11/2012 12:11:40 PM - nicole - xeina ,oh

Hold doors ,Help someone cross street , Be helpful

10/19/2012 8:00:21 AM. - angel - milton keynes

good thinking like your style

Random Acts Of Kindness Home Page
< - Newer PostsViewing Page 179 of 256Older Posts - >


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