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Random Acts Of Kindness

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ID: 2679

5/11/2012 1:25:34 PM - Kiersten - Lancaster

i'm in NJHS (national junior honors society) and just the other day we went to our local library and read/ playedgames with/ helped out at family reading nigh. it was so much fun and a great expierience! i totally recommend doing it!!

5/12/2012 9:06:07 AM - SUNSHINE( Summer ) - Atlanta Georgia

that was very nice of you

7/6/2012 6:02:47 PM. - Krystal - VA

Awwwwww thats very kind of you to do that! what a nice gesture to give to families! God Bless! :D

ID: 2678

5/7/2012 9:28:54 AM - SUNSHINE( Summer ) - Atlanta Georgia

Well there was a homeless person on the street and so i came over and gave him money for food! <3

5/11/2012 5:42:44 AM - life - Singpore

That was really sweet of you!!!

5/11/2012 1:22:59 PM - Kiersten - Lancaster

That is soo generous of you! if only more people were as nice as you, then just maybe there would be less world hunger. god bless you.

7/6/2012 6:04:38 PM. - Debbie - VA

That is so so so nice of you to do that, some people just drive on by like its nothing when really it is a big something. I love it when i help out the needy and poor! So generous of you! You should be very proud of yourself! God Bless Hun! xxxxxx

ID: 2677

4/27/2012 3:33:03 PM. - katie - mt.pleasant,mi

Helping out at school raising money for cancer being nice to all my friends opening doors for people holding the elevator door with kids with a broken leg helping my mom make dinner helping my mom make cookies for you Santa

7/6/2012 6:06:14 PM. - Debbie - VA

Awwww you are so caring and nice! What remarkable things you've done! I am proud of ya for being so nice and generous to people/strangers. God Bless!

ID: 2676

4/19/2012 7:32:34 PM. - Kiersten - Lancaster, New Hampshire

in my school, theres this one girl everyone makes fun of, criticizes and basically flat-out bullies. the other day @ track she was all alone but some jerks started teasing her. i noticed and went over and told them to leave her alone. they all looked really embarrassed. i got to know her better and shes such a sweet person! why anyone would bully her is beyond me. we're friends now and i am so glad! :)

4/21/2012 10:23:29 AM - babby girl - city

u are so nice how old and what grade are u in

4/27/2012 3:36:59 PM. - katie marie speerstra - mt.pleasant,mi

The bully should get expcelled from school your a nice teacher for helping that child thanks for your help and keep up the good work

5/11/2012 1:21:18 PM - Kiersten - Lancaster

I'm 13 and in 7th grade. BTW thanks alot for comments! also i'm not a teacher, but thanks any way and i agree. there is so much drama in my school. WAAAY too much if you ask me. everyone calls this one girl (i'm not going to tell her name, but i'll call her Jane)Jane, "It" and they say terrible things about her. it's terrible. she's one of my closest friends i feel so bad for her. :(

5/12/2012 8:52:34 AM - SUNSHINE( Summer ) - Atlanta Georgia

That is so nice of you! I wish there were more people in this world like you because if there were then maybe we would stop the bullieing world wide! U r so nice to have done that GOD BLESS YOU!

ID: 2675

4/18/2012 12:16:26 PM - Christian girl - California

Hi everybody. I just wanted to let you all know that me and my family were robbed. The took a LOT of stuff like wii, jewelery, cameras and other stuff. I think my act of kindness would be giving you advice: don't keep valuebles in your room, and don't store valuebles in boxes, because they take any boxes. God bless and I hope none of you will get robbed, because it's a scary experience.

4/21/2012 10:24:45 AM - babby girl - city

is ur family alright

5/2/2012 7:36:46 PM - Christian girl - California

Yeah. The robbers must have ran out our back door so they weren't in the house when we got in, thankfully

8/16/2012 7:38:07 PM. - cici - Saint Paul MN

Christmas is the best season that anybody think of....

ID: 2674

4/11/2012 11:53:17 AM - Sarah - MARYLAND


4/15/2012 7:41:17 PM - carmen - knoxville tennsse usa

i thank that is nise of you

4/21/2012 10:26:57 AM - babby girl - city

thats nice before i wanted a stuff animal and a employe opend it and gave it to me(last year) i was seven.

7/6/2012 6:07:56 PM. - Debbie - VA

That is truly generous of you! That shows your not selfish or greedy which is a good thing. I bet that kid was very happy that day knowing that somebody in the world has a generous heart(: God Bless

ID: 2673

4/9/2012 1:48:56 AM. - anne - tagum city

he he its a bit cheesy but i believe its the best thing to do. I've finally let go of the thought of someone since he's sooooooo happy with another person...

7/24/2012 5:10:16 PM. - bmah - usa

Good for you! I pursued a guy who just about 6 month's who gagged at the word "dating"... I finally asked him out and he said no but in that 6 month's we had become best friends- he helped me get bout of a bad friendship and knows just about everything about me. We are now dating- his idea not mine- via video chat.

10/13/2012 6:52:19 PM. - anne - tagum city

atta girl!

ID: 2672

4/6/2012 3:47:51 PM - jbird - new york

one of my random acts of kndnesses was when my friend zeke dropped his books and i was the only person who helped him pick them up that waswhen he had like 0 friends

4/7/2012 3:31:34 PM - Haley - USA

That was really sweet of you. Continue what you do.

4/27/2012 3:40:24 PM. - katie marie speerstra - mt.pleasant,mi 48858

That was nice of you to help pick up a book for another student who dropped it awwwww nice job well done I bet that student was glad you were there to help ?

ID: 2671

4/6/2012 7:00:08 AM. - natasha arnold - unitedstates

helped set the table for dinner and for desert

ID: 2669

3/24/2012 11:30:12 AM - c - usa

Its only march and I'm already thinking about Christmas. It felt like Christmas went by quick last year.

3/25/2012 9:25:51 AM - babby girl - city

257 days to go

4/21/2012 10:31:29 AM - babby girl - city

248 days to go meories memories

7/6/2012 6:10:19 PM. - Debbie - VA

Awwwwww yes! Memories, Memories! I am addicted to christmas so much! am i the only one who listens to christmas music all year long? Haha in fact, im listening to it right now. My fav song is The Christmas Song-Nat King Cole :) Such a truly AMAZING christmas song:) Captures the spirit of christmas:) God Bless and wish you the best of luck in life!xx

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