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Random Acts Of Kindness

Random Acts Of Kindness Home Page
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ID: 11674

12/24/2013 6:06:59 AM - Chicken - mcdonalds

Merry Christmas eve everyone

12/24/2013 8:50:46 AM - katie mecray - lansdale


ID: 11673

12/23/2013 10:43:47 PM - Lotti - Australia

I saw a blind lady and she was struggling with moving some stuff so I helped her and got the stuff.
She thanked me afterwards with a Christmas cookie!

12/24/2013 4:27:31 AM. - lona - ireland

i saw a man with a big sack he went to a children store they were sad so i saw the sack i carried it before any children left they were happy when they got the presants he gave me a tropie for a award

1/5/2014 6:24:14 AM - Mariah - Iowa

(to lottie) Thats so sweet!

(to lona) WHOA! I would of been freaked out!

ID: 11639

12/23/2013 7:20:14 PM - apirl - valparaiso, in

Helped a stranded lady by taking her to the gas station as her car ran out of gas. I didn't want her to sit in the cold and wait for on-star and I wanted to help. That's what we are supposed to do, help each other out in times of need and always! Merry Christmas Everyone!

1/5/2014 6:25:16 AM - Mariah - Iowa

WOW! how nice!

ID: 11637

12/23/2013 2:14:34 PM. - Ben - Orlando

My friends got into a fight and I stepped up and tried to help!:)

1/5/2014 6:28:20 AM - Mariah - Iowa

At my school in mo. valley, they're really cracking down on fights and bullies, and they're always talking about standing up. so good for you!:)

ID: 11636

12/23/2013 12:46:35 PM. - Majella - iowa city, Iowa

Standing in line at Starbucks and buying the person in front of me a cup of coffee :-) pay it forward.

ID: 11635

12/23/2013 11:58:11 AM - Cindy - Pueblo, Colorado USA

I distributed (on behalf of my company) 56 holiday food boxes including a ham to 56 employees of need!

ID: 11634

12/23/2013 10:16:41 AM - william - spain

I took a truck load of clothing to the Nomad children in the atlas mountains Morroco

ID: 11633

12/23/2013 7:43:33 AM - so sweet - U.S.A.

I helped a little girl once she got hurt to find her mom.

ID: 11632

12/23/2013 6:42:54 AM - Denny - . Lebanon Pa.

If I bring a smile to some of the people once a day, I had a wonderful day Wishing all a very merry Christmas keep smiling .

ID: 11631

12/22/2013 5:46:39 PM. - Gracie - USA

I got my sister the very best present and she wanted it SOOOOO bad :0 I LOVE HER

1/14/2014 12:50:01 PM - Ava<3 - Mo.Valley US

Hi Gracie its Ava. If you go to Mo. Valley school then i know you(: Either way that was really very sweet of you to do something so nice. Bye. :P

Random Acts Of Kindness Home Page
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