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Random Acts Of Kindness

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ID: 7195

12/25/2012 1:12:29 PM. - Rev. Stone - Grants Pass/Selma, Oregon

I was involved with a Citizen Band Radio Club called REACT & we monitored CB channel 9, sometimes pranksters would make false emergency radio calls & I've always called in just about everything no matter how outlandish & here are just a couple examples; I was in Grants Pass Oregon in 1990 & I got a call about a traffic accident & I thought I heard giggling in the background & when I asked where to send Paramedics I got real suspicious when they said something like 66th ave well now no place in all of southern Oregon has a 66th ave, maybe Portland or Eugene so I got as much info from the drunken sounding & giggling man on the CB & went back to monitoring & really felt this was a fake call but I called Oregon State Police just in case, told them my suspicions but they called Utah State police just to play it safe & 3 days later Utah State Police called me & said if it were not for my actions that the pedestrian hit by an 18 wheeler Drunk Driver who radioed it in to my React Station would have bled to death & was in a hospital recovering well, I have tears of joy in my eyes as I share this with you, anther time I got a very weak call on the CB & the guy sounded inebriated, he said he was up in the mountains about 50 miles south of my Base Station stuck in the snow, it was almost spring & we had no recent snow & it was all melted off surrounding mountains & knowing the area where he said he was I seriously doubted that he was stuck in the snow in late April, I told him that its illegal to make fake Emergency CB Radio calls like his, he replied he & wife & 2 kids had been rationing a couple of candy bars for a few days & eating snow for water, this guy sounded like he was stoned drunk & chuckling allot but I called it in & told 911 I really felt it was fake & hung up, I kept thinking about having to ration candy bars & eating snow & watching my family freeze to death but there is no snow anywhere this time of year but it kept bugging me so after several hours I touched bases with 911 & they said they had no resources to check out this off-road are & there would be no snow anyway especially for a possible fake transmission so I told them I attempt to recontact this guy via CB #9 & it took me several hours to get a response & I finally did & I told him 911 had no one to check his story out & that I though he was laughing & drunk & he responded he was severing & slow from 4 days exposure for a day trip with no warm clothes & was stuck in a snow drift in a very overgrown & shadowed forest road & could I call his brother in-law to come get them & then the brother in-law thought I was a prank caller but its a good thing the guy had said what brand his CB radio was so that proved my story & about a week latter they contacted me & told me I saved this families lives & one kid was out of Insulin so I saved the day & I told them Jesus wouldn't have it any other way & it was this disabled persons pleasure & not there's, after these calls I never hesitated on radio calls no matter how fake & from my law enforcement friends there have been more fake than not but a life save is just that & I'm on disability & should do something to repay my benefits seeings how a TBI makes it so I can't work. I live for random acts of kindness, ie; someone is at a store in the cashier line ahead of me/you & are a little short help them out I do sometimes even when I really cant afford to especially when its for something like Diapers, medicine & food for someone hungry & less off than I, I stop & let stranded motorist use my cell phone or beak out jumper cables or even the tow strap to get them out of a ditch & never accept a tip & instead instruct them to give my tip to the next stranger they fell compassion for as that's what this world so dearly lacks is Compassion, buy a cold person a blanket, buy a traveler or homeless person a meal & be sure to give them food for their pets. Thank You all for Your Random Acts of Kindness!

12/26/2012 6:22:06 PM - pounds - usa

that is one long comment

1/7/2013 9:08:25 AM. - sharon - mo

hoping you had a blessed christmas and new year...Jesus wants us to love each other as He loves us....not to judge others as we as CHRISTIANS have the spirit of Christ living in us and if those people used you then in actuaity they were using Christ and he will judge actions of others who prank and do wicked acts

ID: 7194

12/25/2012 10:38:00 AM - Phyllis - Los Angeles, CXA

I spent my last penny on someone I love.

ID: 7193

12/25/2012 8:37:55 AM - pattyandy - Hillsborough, nj

Every Christmas my sister and brother-in-law and I donate cash to a woman who lost her husband in 1999, and has 4 children. I have been donating since the year 2000, and we have donated over $6,000. She is most apprieciative, and the feeling you get when she leaves a message on my phone and you read her thank you card, makes you understand "money means nothing, helping someone in need is really what gives you peace".
She has 1 son who is attending Rutgers and another soon to enter Montclair state, with 2 others now in high school. She has a beautiful family and only wants the best for them!

ID: 7192

12/24/2012 11:04:58 PM. - angel - boston

I Helped decorate the Christmas tree and mount it up.

12/25/2012 8:13:30 AM. - eik - clinton,nc

i helped my cosin with our christmas dinner.:D

12/25/2012 9:20:43 AM. - jacob - las angeles

i helped my cosin with carving the turkey

1/2/2013 1:13:00 PM - tia - unitedkindme

I helped my mum decerrate the tree with my brother and sister and I helped my mum coock are dinner and help with the turcky after dinner we player with are pressents and then we whent to bed.thanks for my pressents.

12/1/2013 6:46:36 PM - Melina McCarty - Johnstown Co

I we put out the Christmas cookie and a glass of milk and he put lot's of good things in the stocking and put lot's of present's under the Christmas tree and next day we all woke up and get a stocking to each other and opening all the present's!!

ID: 7190

12/24/2012 7:07:40 PM. - abbie - littelton, CO

i helped people and helped my mom when her grandma died and my grandma.

ID: 7189

12/24/2012 7:04:00 PM. - leah - littelton, CO

I helped people out and was kind to them and never let them down.

12/26/2012 6:04:34 PM. - moe - home

thats what i do to others to be nice its ok to help others

12/29/2012 12:22:47 AM - green hero D'silver - barma myeik

I love christmas because Jesus christ was born this day.

1/2/2013 3:59:16 PM - Icy - United states



ID: 7188

12/24/2012 6:28:10 PM - Bri Bri - san antonio tx

I helped decorate the Christmas tree and i did some work in the house for the family.

12/24/2012 7:05:45 PM. - abbie - littelton, CO

That was a good kind of kindness.

ID: 7187

12/24/2012 6:27:53 PM. - Emily - Canada

today i just got back from great wolf lodge and my friend is in crunches and he asked me to go outside but i wasn't aloud cuz i needed to clean so i did it as fast as i can but after i was done playing outside i got in trouble but it was worth it :)

ID: 7185

12/24/2012 5:06:22 PM - tolu - pawtucket

i helped my mom when her mom died.

ID: 7184

12/24/2012 4:16:51 PM - Brianna - Lewistown

I helped the Elderly by shoveling the snow off their sidewalks and I also helped my dad (He is a carpenter)with construction work on cabinets in the shop.

12/25/2012 1:19:53 PM. - Rev. Stone - Grants Pass/Selma, Oregon

You make this retired Fireman Proud of Good Samaritans like you, keep up the good deeds, someday someone will do the same for you when your old.

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